The Hardest Thing

Austins Autism

(This blog was originally written in December 0f 2019. Since I wrote it, we have dealt with another episode of elopement where Austin slipped under a gap in a fence and was gone for 20 minutes before being found by law enforcement)

It feels like one of the least understood, least discussed behaviors in autism is elopement.  

Elopement is defined as wandering, or leaving a facility or environment by a person with cognitive challenges or special needs.

Choosing to write about this has been a struggle for me. I don’t want to come across as if I’m looking for sympathy. I’m definitely not. 

I also am hesitant to  put details of what we’ve experienced out there for others to judge and maybe assume we’re negligent parents. We beat ourselves up enough as it is. 

But because I want to bring some awareness to this behavior, and because  I know it helps others…

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