Bibles for Africa


Brothers and Sisters:

My name is Greg Helms. I have served with various ministries throughout the past several years including Operation Mobilization (in Brussels, Belgium), Campamento del Caribe (in Puerto Rico), Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters (in Andrews, NC), and El Buho (in Hidalgo, Mexico).

My wife and I married in September of 2019; we have been actively encouraging youth, young adults, churches, and missionaries—this is our desire for all of life. Through the ministry of#letmeintroduceyou we strive to make Christ known, disciple young believers, encourage Church growth in holiness, humility and love, and connect stateside believers with missional opportunities abroad. Our sending church is Red Oak Church, located in Andrews, NC.

Most recently, we spent the first 5 months of 2020 serving with an international baptist church in Brussels, Belgium, where over 60 nations are represented in the local gathering. It was our privilege to encourage the youth, the men…

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