How We Stopped Mass-Murderers Time After Time


Real life isn’t like the movies. Bad guys don’t walk around with a soundtrack thumping with every step. Movie makers want to thrill us, but saving lives in real life is a lot more ordinary than that. Because it doesn’t sell tickets or sell soap, the news media isn’t interested in how our neighbors stopped mass-murderers about once a month for the last eight years. Ordinary people like us would do it even more often if politicians got out of our way.

Recognizing a new problem- Times have changed. Today we live in a media driven culture. Mass-murderers feel like failures and they want to take revenge on society. These narcissists know that the mainstream media will give them a multi-million dollar publicity campaign if they kill enough innocent people. The murderers revel in the thought of being famous even if they are not alive to enjoy that infamy. That…

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Gun Control Fails Again in Allen, Texas

Gun Free Zones are a trap.


A man shot innocent victims outside a shopping mall. The attacker was killed by an off-duty policeman who happened to be nearby. The mall is at the northern edge of Dallas’s suburbs. We’re hearing all kinds of claims about what we should do to be safer. Let’s look at each of those claims one at a time. It is hard to make things better, and easy to make them worse.

We were told that the murderer used a modern sporting rifle so those should be outlawed. The murderer killed eight people, but the news never told us that rifles are used by honest gun owners about 46-thousand times a year in self-defense. How many of those 46-thousand defenders should we disarm in the hope of saving 8 lives?

We were told that we need to have mandatory waiting periods before people are allowed to buy a firearm. The gun-control advocates…

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Lies Aimed at Disarming You


Lies come in many shapes and sizes. Some are simple exaggerations. Some are absurd falsehoods. Unfortunately, we tend to believe a bald lie if it is expressed with enough emotion. That outrage also keeps viewers watching and clicking so the press is often more interested in outrage than in the truth. A lie doesn’t become the truth if it is repeated, but the lie may help politicians get re-elected if it is repeated by enough likely voters. We need to call out every lie we see even if that means calling “respected elected officials” liars. Congressman Jamaal Brown, you lie. Representative Jimmy Gomez, you lie. You lie because you say you want to save lives, yet you pretend that more gun-control laws will actually protect our kids. That is a lie and I’ll prove it right now.

Why would politicians hide the truth behind their emotional outbursts? The simple answer…

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Almost Gun-Control Fails and Almost Armed Defense Saves Lives


Gun-control advocates will tell you that the 23-thousand firearms regulations we have today aren’t nearly enough. Those laws are simply a good start. In contrast, advocates of armed defense will tell you that the right to bear arms is horribly infringed. Both are telling the truth about what they want, but they can’t both be right. In fact the results are shockingly different. Imperfect gun-control fails time after time and imperfect armed defense stops millions of violent crimes each year. The truth is obvious if we’re willing to look.

There were over 278-thousand cases of criminals using guns during the commission of a violent crime in 2019. That is the last year for which the FBI provided complete statistics. We also had 61 mass murders with a firearm in 2021. All of these crimes were committed by a criminal who should not have had a gun. Criminals have firearms not…

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They are Lying to Us About the Economy and Banks


In his State of the Union speech, President Biden said, “Our economy grew at a rate of 5.7% last year, the strongest growth in nearly 40 years.” Last week we also had the second and third largest bank failures in the US. That doesn’t make sense. Banks don’t fail in strong economies if the banks are well run. The obvious conclusion is that the economy and the banks are weaker than we were told.

We have seen large corporations make large political donations in hope of hiding their poor investment decisions from regulators. One of the banks that failed was extremely progressive in its hiring, in its investing, and in its corotate donations to political causes. The other bank supported crypto currencies. One of the banks had a former congressman on its board of directors.

Bad banking practice might work for corrupt and connected politicians, but it does not work…

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A 99-Percent Solution to Stop Mass-Murders


I’ve yet to meet anyone who says they want more mass-murders. We want to stop them, but the question is how. I’ve studied armed defense for about a decade. While I admit there is more to learn, that makes me an elite subject matter expert compared to the journalists and politicians who shape public policy. We can stop most mass-murders today. There are the solutions we should use, the solutions we could use, and the non-solutions that politicians have used already. Let me bring you up to speed in a hurry.

The bad news is that we built this problem of mass-murder and celebrity-murderers. The good news is that we can fix it. Society changed in significant ways over the last 5 decades. We destroyed families so many young men grew up without fathers. No one taught these young men how to control their strength and their anger. We closed…

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Three Armed Customers Stop an Armed Robbery in Georgia


Lethal Threats and Thinking Ahead

Crime happens. That fact is timeless. It also changes as we change. We are not the society we used to be. We might sit on the couch and watch big-city crime shows every night, but most of us know that the police won’t get to us in time to stop a criminal’s violent attack. Given where we live, the police are simply too far away. That is true in rural areas and in small towns across the country. Given the reductions in police budgets, it might be true in your city too. We also know that fewer criminals are being taken off the streets by our courts. That leaves the responsibility with us to defend ourselves until the police arrive.

This news story took place in a small rural town. It is unlikely that the town of Ellijay, Georgia has a police force since the…

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Is There Anything We can do to Stop Mass Murderers in the United States?

Having been in the firearm industry I can attest to the fact that the opposite. People are buying firearms to protect themselves, they don’t want them to be banned.


That question comes to mind since President Biden recently claimed we need to massively disarm honest US citizens in order to stop mass-murderers. Instead of accepting the President’s words at face value, I looked at what the experts say. There are many questions we might ask and lots of facts we can consider. We do many things today to stop violence in the US. There is more we could do, and this is what I found;

  • We stop several thousand violent events every day.
  • The United States is about average in its rate of mass murder.
  • We stop more than half of the attempted mass murderers who attack where honest citizens are allowed to go armed.
  • Most mass murderers go through a predictable process, and we ignored warning signs time after time.
  • We should stop making the murderers into overnight celebrities, but that is hard to do.

A Walmart employee…

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Armed Citizen Stops Kidnapping at Walmart


We know that honest citizens defend themselves with firearms thousands of times a day. Sometimes these defenders also save strangers. What is more unusual is when these heroic events are reported in the news. Here is how Kelcey Willis saved a five-year-old boy last week in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Kelcey Willis

History of the event-

What do you do on the weekend? Kelcey Willis, the defender in this tale, was taking his car to Walmart to change the oil that Sunday. It was about 2 pm when Willis and a friend talked to the technician at the auto center. They were distracted by a child’s scream coming from the parking lot. They turned and saw an older man forcefully taking a child from a car and pulling him across the parking lot.

At first, the defender thought this was a kidnapping, but then he wondered if the adult was taking…

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New Gun Owners are Invisible to the News Media and Democrat Politicians


More people own guns today than ever before. That growth is a continuation of a long term trend that goes back several decades. In addition to that gradual increase, we’ve also seen an extraordinary growth in new gun buyers in the last two years. We had to rewrite who owns guns and why they own them. Today, about four-out-of-ten families have a firearm in their home. Despite the astounding changes in gun ownership, the way some politicians talk about gun and gun owners is out of date. New gun owners are subjected to a crash course in being misperceived and misrepresented by politicians and by the mainstream news media alike.

Sitting President, Joe Biden, echoed old myths about gun owners at a fundraising event in June. He said,

“More people get killed with their own gun in their home trying to stop a burglar than, in fact, any other cause…

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