Politicians Lied, Gun-Control Failed, and Innocent People Died on the New York Subway


Trust us, they said. They shouted it from the podium and from the headlines.

New York politicians said they would take care of us. They said we don’t need to have a firearm and protect ourselves or the people we love. They said that if we voted for them then they keep us safe when we’re in pubic. All they needed was a little more gun-control and then we’ll finally be safe. This latest mass murder on the subway is different is scale, but similar in type to what we see every week. If we stop to look at it, the murders on the subway remind us that New York Democrats lied and we are not safe at all. The open question is if we’ll pay attention and really look at what is going on.

David French photo from NY Post-Shutterstock

We have the right to defend ourselves. Like the…

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“Truth and Freedom” Brooke Cheney is Sick of Biden’s Lies


By Brooke Cheney

Truth and Freedom
I believe that truth is important.
I believe that freedom is important.
I believe that America was founded on Truth and Freedom.

What I saw today, on the front lawn of the White House, was neither. Significant lies were told to the American people.

Not just slight mistakes or inconsistencies. I work with politicians and I understand that they can’t know everything that they have to make decisions on. I know that they are doing the best they can with the information that is given to them. None of us know everything.

The press conference that was held on 4/11/2022 was distressing. So Distressing that it’s 4AM and I can’t sleep. I literally feel sick to my stomach.

As Americans I feel it’s important that we can trust and believe our leaders. I certainly expect our President to understand as much as he can…

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What Biden Didn’t Tell you (and Your Friends Don’t Know) about Guns and Serial Numbers


Things are not always as they seem. President Biden said guns are causing crime. The President needs an excuse for the increase in crime while he has been in office. I have to wonder why guns didn’t cause crime before Joe Biden took office but are causing crime now, particularly in Democrat controlled cities. This recent surge in violence isn’t a surprise to anyone but confirmed Democrats. The President needs to blame guns to distract us from his failed political decisions. Here is some perspective that the President hid from us.. or maybe he just forgot.

The obvious fact is that we let criminals out of jail during Covid. The inmates didn’t stop being criminals simply because we faced the Chinese flu and released them on the public. That political decision meant we had more dangerous criminals on the street who might commit crimes. We also refused to put criminals…

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US Energy Policy Suddenly Makes Sense


US Energy Policy $uddenly Makes $ense

Only a few years ago, the United States exported oil. We achieved energy independence under President Donald Trump. Equally important was that we did so at a time when our economy was booming. Unemployment was at record low levels and energy demand was high. At the same time, we also reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the production of natural gas and replacing coal and oil with natural gas. That changed when Democrat politicians seized office and crushed domestic oil and gas production. Prices soared and the economy plunged. Energy prices effect everyone. Everybody paid more. Now, with huge shocks to the oil market, these same politicians in the Biden-Obama regime refuse to let us pump oil and gas at home. High energy prices hurt us all, even the poor citizens that the Democrats claim to represent. The reason why is obvious after…

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Repost- The Parkland Shooting Was Proof Positive That Gun Control Doesn’t Work


There is a lot we have refused to learn in four years. The mass murderer was a known threat. He was known by the administrators of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Broward County Public Schools, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI.

Source: The Parkland Shooting Was Proof Positive That Gun Control Doesn’t Work – The Truth About Guns

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Into February

The New Well

Hello there friends, welcome back to The New Well!

In my last update, I shared that after I returned to Galway after the Christmas holiday I started developing symptoms of being sick and was isolating from others to be on the safe side. Well shortly after I posted that update, one of my antigen tests came back positive and I was “sentenced” to another week in quarantine! It was a little frustrating, and I told Daniela that it felt like there was this invisible force that kept grabbing me by the collar and yanking me back into my room, me kicking in protest. While I can’t say I enjoyed isolation, a couple good things came out of it. Mainly an abundance of patience and sympathy for the plights of other people in the building who are sick and quarantining as we speak haha.

Other good things that came from isolation…

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Armed Defense is always a Matter of Time


I know that you’re way smarter than this, but I keep hearing new gun owners get bad advice. We hear it everywhere, from the news to the lunch counter. I’m not criticizing either source because I suspect they are simply repeating something they’ve heard. This is important because we can invent all sorts of complicated schemes as we plan our defense. It is easy to forget that time controls almost everything as we defend ourselves. Eventually, we remember that the bad guys arrive with a plan. We get to defend ourselves, our family, and our friends with what’s physically within reach and mentally within reach. Let’s look at some common suggestions and see how they measure against the clock.

“I only carry a firearm when I’m going someplace dangerous”

Maybe this means you’ll carry if you go to a convenience store or an ATM after sunset. That is good advice…

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Is the Gun Dangerous, or is it the Criminal?


The world is fascinatingly complex yet important truths are often simple. We shouldn’t take that too far since most simple answers are wrong or incomplete. That tension helps make life so interesting as we try to understand the world around us. For example, here is a simple description of a complex problem. We saw violent crime increase in the last few years. Should we try to keep violent criminals away from guns, or should we try to keep violent criminals away from us? Is the tool dangerous or is the person dangerous? Let’s look at both ideas and see if there are any simple answers to be found.

When we look for simple solutions we see that criminals use guns to commit violence. That sounds like the case is closed but there is more evidence to uncover. If we keep looking then we find that innocent victims also use firearms…

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6 steps to set spiritual goals in the new year

The Pursuit Blog

As you’re setting goals for the new year, don’t forget to prioritize spiritual ones!

Using these steps has revolutionized my understanding of goal setting and helped me realize that pursuing godliness is greater than any tangible betterment we can pursue.

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come,” 1 Timothy 4:8.

Step 1: Remind myself why I’m setting goals – not to “better” myself, but to better reflect Christ in all parts of my life.

When we set goals for our own betterment, they succeed or fail based on our own abilities and strength. But when we rely on Christ to develop our heart, mind and body into that which reflects Him best, our lifestyles are revolutionized for His glory.

Step 2: Ask myself, “What sins are standing in the way of…

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Armed Defense, the Lives We Save, and the Lives We Live


Lots of us own guns. We also carry those guns legally in public. That is critically important because concealed carriers save a lot of lives. You knew most of that already, but there are a few things we keep hidden from you. Every day there are over 17 million of us legally carrying concealed in public. That happens seven days a week, with no days off. We save thousands of lives a day.

You already know that using a firearm is serious business. The law says an innocent person can only defend themselves with lethal force if death or great bodily injury are imminent and unavoidable. In plain language that means someone might go to the hospital or the morgue unless you present your firearm to stop the bad guy right now. If you didn’t know that, then you probably assumed something very close to it. The gun is a…

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